Eternal value

I ran across this on the WND commentary page and thought that it was worth re-posting (emphasis added):

It is perhaps useful to think about heaven and hell in terms of utility rather than fairness. If God has a purpose for man beyond the grave and is distinguishing between those He finds useful for that purpose and those He does not,and if man has been created with an immortal soul, then obviously something must be done with those immortal souls who have been determined to be of no use to Him. This logic answers Rob Bell’s simplistic concerns regarding the fate of Gandhi and anyone else deemed “good” by humanity; their perceived goodness during their time on Earth is totally irrelevant with regard to their eternal utility in the eyes of God. This should not be a difficult concept to grasp, as even the best Mixed Martial Arts fighter in the world is not considered to be of any value whatsoever to the United States Marine Corps.

In all things we see ‘as through a glass darkly’ but one day we shall see clearly. Who are we as mortal man to determine the heart of God and His wonderful purpose?

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