The Founder’s Intent

I’ve long been a student of our system of government and as such still try to understand why a system set up over 235 years ago – able to survive several world wars, a civil war and various societal upheavals – seems lacking in today’s society.

Have we outgrown the founder’s “noble experiment”?

If so, what will replace it?

If it is still the “last great hope of mankind”, what needs to be done to right this ship of state?

Recently, I read a very reasoned approach to the problems facing us today. In considering the pros and cons of a strong executive, the author makes it clear that the situation we are in today is not unique to our times. When looking at the treatise of The Strong Executive“, ( the reasoning behind our current system of governance becomes clear. Today’s turmoil is because the separation of powers has been tilted unduly towards the executive branch and disregards the rule of law.

The problems may seem complex but the answers are really quite simple.

What do we need to do to get the American Dream off life support and back to a stable and growing realm for our children’s children’s children?

This requires not only a return to constitutional principles, but also more activity in the public square of We The People. Get involved, get active and make sure that your voice is heard – while at the same time, respect the opinions and viewpoints of others. 

While you may not think or feel that will work, I merely ask you to consider the position and point of view of others – ‘walking a mile in their shoes’ so to speak.

For without extending this basic consideration to others, we cannot expect others to want to nor be willing to extend the same courtesy to us!

Now, it must also be made very clear that if those who wish to name call and shout down or over others (even online) want to be a part of the discussion, their very actions when called out on it, will make it clear that they have no interest in dialogue but rather only creating more of the same divisiveness that has put the country on it’s current path.

I will not let them control my actions or my opinions because of their actions. But if they can explain it clearly and reasonably, it may well change my mind. Or my opinion might alter theirs.

If they insist on making unsupported statements as facts and do not wish to show where they obtained these facts, then I will have to take a position to have no further dialogue with them.

I will not respond when they refuse to back up their claims and continue to toss out ‘ad hominem’ attacks or ‘straw men’ to obscure and distract their resistance in supplying the factual basis of their position. But I would simply ask, “Why would they not want to?’ unless their motive is not as they state or they have an agenda that is furthered by their fomenting dissent.  

I simply cannot think of any other reasons.

For the considerations of others (that is the ‘democracy’ part of this great experiment) and electing representatives who share our values and interests (which is part of what makes this a Republic) is just what is set forth in the US Constitution.

I firmly believe that We The People – of these still United States but divided populace –  owe our country that much at the very least.

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