How to respond when one political party has their hands tied because a few actors were overzealous in their attempt to eliminate voter fraud? By doing so and then not fighting the subsequent gross miscarriage of the rule of law, they have foisted the result of their lack of ethics onto the rest of the nation.

I will no longer be a part of this party. I would also encourage others to take a look at what we need to do to clean the GOP house. This abrogation of the party to make sure their members were aware of it shows that while the party is indeed ripe for house cleaning. However, I’m not sure that the stench will ever come out, so instead it looks like it may be necessary to tear the whole structure down and rebuild it from the foundation up.

Fellowship of the Minds

Friends and Patriots,

It’s major duct tape time ’cause you’ll need it to keep your head from exploding.

Are you ready for this?

Here we go….

There is now compelling and undeniable evidence that MAJOR vote fraud had been perpetrated in the November 2012 Election. See FOTM’s posts chronicling the extensive pervasive fraud by going to our “2012 Election” page below our FOTM masthead, and click on those post linkscolored dark green.

But our screaming and hollering are to no avail. No one is listening to us. Not even the Republican Party.

Here’s why….

The Republican Party made an agreement 30 years ago with the Democrat Party NOT to ensure voting integrity and NOT to pursue suspected vote fraud.

Yes. You read it correctly.

In fact, legally the GOP cannot ensure voting integrity, nor can it prevent vote fraud.

Here’s the astounding reason, which is kept from the American…

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