How to be a Rockstar at Social Media: What Every Band Should Be Doing – MTT – Music Think Tank

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Are you listening?


Are you really listening?


I’ve mentioned it a few times before: treat social media more like a telephone and less like a megaphone. I’ve written about it when talking about the best social media sites for bands too. However, after talking to a few artists, I realize that some might not know how or where  to listen. This is important because like any business or organization, you want to know what’s being said about you and where are they saying it. You’ll also want to know how to respond.

LV Johnston‘s insight:

Several other key points are addressed in this article by Simon tam.


But it goes back to something I saw a few days ago (will try to find the blog to provide a link) but in summary, *we* need to make the choice. *We* have to choose to do it, whatever that might be, to further our career. If we are waiting on  someone’s permission, we will be waiting for a loooong time.


The term "rockstar" in the title grated against me when I saw it. I assume that many who (over)use it are unaware of the overuse and the soon to be unhip application of the term. Will not be long before it will reach the point where it will have jumped the shark… (another overused term, I realize, but used here for the irony…)



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