Managing Your Online Reputation With a Strong Brand Image

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As a business person, you are constantly striving to strengthen your professional reputation online and in person. It isn’t enough to simply have a good reputation. You need to constantly maintain your reputation and always work toward improving it.

LV Johnston‘s insight:

Yes, to many reading this, some of these points are ‘no-brainers’, but in the uber-competetive world of music promotion, artists need to be fully aware of what marketing schools are sharing with first year undergrads. You should be able to determine if that smooth talking ‘pro’ (who has kindly offered to assist your careers for a special low up-front fee) actually knows what they are talking about.


Word to the wise: don’t let yourself be fooled by charm and charisma. Learn to know who is simply blowing smoke by dropping hints of huge numbers and name-dropping their (anonymous!) client list and who will actually be able to plan and implement the correct strategy to lift your career to the next level… whatever that level may be. 


Well, that *is* why you should hire them and if you are not comfortable dealing with press releases, setting up interviews and the other ‘nuts and bolts’ items, then you *will* need the assistance of a good brand marketing agent at some point. Not sure? Ask for referrals. A good agent will not hesitate to point to their recent successes. Which raises the next point…


If you are on a tight budget (and who isn’t these days?), keep in mind that all reputable agents have to start somewhere. Just as you are working to develop your personal brand, these next gen marketing superstars are climbing that ladder as well.


If you are near an area with a local college or university, check with the marketing and/or business professors for recommendations. Many of their students need actual real world projects for their classes. Try to find who is making waves in *that* world… it might just be what you need to take your own career to that next level in yours.


No local schools? Well, that is truly the miracle of the interwebs… every city, village and town in the US is only a point and click away. Many – if not all – reputable schools list their faculty member’s contact info. While a phone call works best (yes!), academics are quite comfortable with email and even (horrors!) snail mail (and remember the SASE if you want answers via snail mail).


Good luck!


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