Arts: The full value of music education – Waco Tribune-Herald

Arts: The full value of music education Waco Tribune-Herald One of the bigger ideas unpacked in this study is the way music instruction stimulates the brain to excel in non-related areas, many of which are the subject of hand-wringing when it comes…


A news article from the Waco Trib as a followup to the recent study on cognitive development and the ‘executive’ brain functions done by Harvard and Boston Children’s Hospital.


Of note are the final thoughts that David Smith closed the piece.


"… this study indicates that slashing the arts from schools — in hopes that more time, effort and resources could be devoted to raising test scores in math and science — may be counterproductive.


Whether all this makes any difference depends on whether the goal of public education is to turn out well-developed people who can reason, think critically and keep several complex ideas straight in their heads at the same time."


I would further state that while these goals might be implied of the public education system in our modern times, as a parent of three children who have gone through the system, that is not always the end result. As parents, we had our work cut out for us to instill the desire to reason clearly, think critically and not be  "another brick in the wall".


Sadly, not all parents even understand what’s missing in their children’s curriculum and how to allow for remediation of those vital elements at home.


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