8 Great Apps for Musicians of All Ages

Not too long ago a music app could have been a windup metronome and a tape recorder (remember those?). Those days are gone, and apps have the capabilities to allow musicians to record music, tune their instrument, keep a beat, learn notes, learn an instrument, and more.  While there are hundreds upon hundreds of apps to choose from, the following apps are helpful, educational, and fun for musicians.

Source: www.helpteaching.com

 A great list of useful apps for musicians of all levels as well as ages. The power of these apps is sure to astound those only familiar with the "standard tool set" of metronome and tuner. The ability to create and capture our musical ideas has never been simpler.


For those struggling to tame their ever growing library of sheet music, is another music app suggested by more than a few friends, ForScore (http://forscore.co/).


Designed for the musician, it is a great way to manage print copies of music on the iPad for practice or performance (with an easy import  interface for pdf files and sharing via online tool such as Dropbox and others). Add performance notes and annotations (complete with highlighters in various colors) along with standard musical symbols.


h/t to Carrie Wible for this list and the suggestion to scoop it!

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