These are images taken at various times in and around Central Illinois.

I do not try to create a scene but simply to capture (hopefully) some aspect or view that has taken my breath away. The creation and God’s splendor in His creation a seen through a camera’s lens reminds me of the passage the Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth that we can only see ‘as through a glass darkly”.

While the photographer can remember and be reminded of the original vista, the viewer can only see what is left behind on the camera’s circuitry.

Please enjoy!

Illinois Sunset -February 2012     Lincoln Trail State Park – near Marshall, IL

Freezing fog
Freezing fog creates icy spines on all objects.Sleek wind generators dot the landscapeDon Quixote’s NEW Playground! 


One Response to Photolog

  1. Warren says:

    Cool. I remember those ice storms!

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